Fergie Says She’s Down To Make 8 Inch Heels For TMZ’s Camera Guy

TMZ caught up with Fergie at LA International Airport, returning from Toronto where she did a release for Fergie Footwear.

Fergie appeared on March 21, 2019 at Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street for a Q&A hosted by Liz Trinnear. The event included meet and greet to promote her footwear collection.

Hudson’s Bay is a chain of about 90 full-line department stores that operate in Canada and the Netherlands. The stores have a focus on high-end fashion apparel. The flagship Toronto store on Queen Street, is the largest store at about 1,000,000 sq ft.

According to official fergieshoes.com, Fergie Footwear caters to fashion-forward women around the world and strives to create unabashedly sexy, indulgent footwear that imparts a bit of star quality to every person who steps into each chic style.