Bodega Bathroom by John Mulaney — A Musical Comedy that Saved Saturday Night Live

A customer (Pete Davidson) asks a bodega owner (John Mulaney) to use the bathroom, setting off a musical chain of events and revealing a secret.

Bodega Bathroom, a sequel to last year’s Diner Lobster by John Mulaney. This was a pretty funny musical production about a scary convenience store bathroom — complete with a rat, a filthy talking toilet (feed me Seymour), and musical references to Cats,Little Shop Of Horrors, Rent, and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

Saturday Night Live hasn’t been the best this season with too much emphasis on politics, but this sketch was like good old days Saturday Night Live.

Bodega is a term used especially on the east coast, and New York City region for a small liquor store-like grocery store.