Behind the Scenes of Turkish Airlines Commercial Mini-Movie by Ridley Scott

Intriguing TV commercial by Turkish Airlines features beautiful scenes of Istanbul Airport, Çırağan Palace, Şerefiye Cistern, and Ortaköy Square with mysterious sounds and music, and actress Sylvia Hoeks.

Ridley Scott’s six-minute film “The Journey” is now available on Turkish Airlines YouTube channel and its other social media channels. The mini-film stars Sylvia Hoeks and the Istanbul airport, which is the main hub for Turkish Airlines.

Sylvia Hoeks is a Dutch actress and former model well known for her roles as Luv in Blade Runner 2049 and as Camilla Salander in The Girl in the Spider’s Web — the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

“Istanbul is an inspiring city to build a story around with its beautiful topography surrounded by water. The city is a powerful backdrop to the story that brings together the main characters in an exciting and spectacular way, much as Istanbul has done for generations.”

— Director and Producer Ridley Scott

The short film advert involves a Ridley Scott noir style chase, and features Istanbul Airport, Çırağan Palace, Ortaköy Square, and Şerefiye Cistern. Ridley Scott said he was so enamored by the atmosphere of the Şerefiye Cistern that he made visual references to his movies during the scenes he filmed here. Sylvia almost gets blocked out by the glass enclosure building/entrance above the cistern.

Theodosius Cistern or Theodosius Cistern — built by Roman Emperor Theodosius II between 428 and 443 to store water supplied by the Valens Aqueduct — is one of many ancient cisterns of Constantinople that lie beneath the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Istanbul Airport scenes had a cast of 250 people, while the entire mini-film had a total of 500 actors and extras. The scenes at the airport feature Turkish Airlines’ cabin personnel wearing their new uniforms. New features of the aircraft cabin design with large displays on the backs of seats are also visible.

The mini-film, shot in four days, is the first commercial that Ridley Scott has directed in 15 years. Scott’s best known TV commercial is the Orwellian “1984” Apple Macintosh launch commercial broadcast during Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984.

Scott is the English film director and producer responsible for science fiction horror film Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982), Blade Runner 2049 (2017) historical drama Gladiator, Body of Lies, Robin Hood, American Gangster and science fiction film The Martian (2015).

In Blade Runner 2049, Ridley Scott was uncredited, but his production company that he founded with his brother Tony Scott, was involved in production of the film.

“When viewers tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday they were treated to a stunning portrayal of Istanbul in this thrilling film from Ridley Scott. We invite travelers around the world to join us on our journey and experience true Turkish hospitality at our brand new home at Istanbul Airport .”

— M. İlker Aycı, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee

The mini-film “The Journey” was teased in a 60-second commercial during Super Bowl LIII on Sunday February 3, 2019.

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