Jennifer Love Hewitt Discusses The Client List and Plays Dumb in Interview with Conan on TBS

Cardinal Star on purple

Jennifer Love Hewitt answers Conan’s questions with questions when he asks her about her character in The Client List, which portrays her character transitioning to meeting her clients demands.

The Client List was a made-for-TV film, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, that premiered on the Lifetime Network on July 19, 2010. With her family facing foreclosure on their home, her character Samantha takes a line of work that is more demanding than she expects.

A TV series with the same name premiered on Sunday, April 8, 2012 and last two seasons — 15 episodes in the first season and 10 seasons in the second season.

In an interview with Conan, she flirts around the issue of the dark side of being a rogue “massage therapist.”